Have you Attracted the Attention of a Cyberbully?

Have you Attracted the Attention of a Cyberbully?

Bullying has always been a massive problem, but in many cases, once you made it to your home, you got a respite from your bully. The internet changed that. A cyberbully has access to you 24/7. 

If you’ve attracted the attention of a cyberbully, there are a few things you should do.

Ignore the Bully

Ignoring a bully is easier said than done, but in this case, it’s imperative. The cyberbully’s goal is getting a reaction from you. Failing to respond to their snide comments on social media usually causes them to give up on you and they direct their time and attention elsewhere.

In addition to ignoring the cyberbully, you need to remain calm about the situation. Do not do anything reckless.

Talk to Someone About the Issue

It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager or an adult, as a cyberbullying victim, you need to reach out to a trusted source and alert them to what is happening. You’ll be amazed by the amount of relief your experience once you know you’re not dealing with the problem on your own and that someone is standing in your corner.

Keep a Record of the Interactions

While you don’t want to engage with a cyberbully, you do want to keep a record of their behavior. A file of screenshots could help the authorities identify your cyberbully’s identity and also makes it easier to build a case against them.

Report the Cyberbullying

It’s difficult to know exactly when you should go to the police and report your struggles with a cyberbully. If you feel that the person is a threat to your health or if they appear to have way too much information about you which implies they know your work/home location, it’s in your best interest to report the matter to the police. Based on the information you supply, the police will determine if they should launch an investigation. 

Don’t assume that because the police told you they didn’t have enough evidence to investigate the situation, that you’re out of options. If the problem persists, you can always return to the police over and over again until they are ready to take action.

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California’s COVID-19 Curfew

California’s COVID-19 Curfew

There isn’t a single person whose life hasn’t been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re required to wear masks, we pay for massive amounts of hand sanitizer, we keep an eagle eye on our cleaning supplies and stock up as soon as we think they’re getting even a little low. Now, the governor has issued a curfew.

The newest restrictions include a curfew that prevents anyone from leaving their home from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. There are some exceptions. Essential workers who are traveling to or from work are allowed on the road. You can leave your home if there’s an emergency. It also appears that you can walk your dog between 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

The curfew was issued in direct response to the fact that the state hit the unwanted milestone of 1 million positive cases of COVID-19 in the state. This number is expected to continue rising at an alarming rate. In a single day, Ventura County reported that they had 365 brand new cases of COVID-19.

The entire state isn’t impacted by this curfew. At this point, only the counties that are listed in the state’s purple tier are required to follow the curfew. Today, 94% of California’s counties are purple.

The main reason for the curfew is to discourage people from mingling in the type of settings that encourages the spread of COVID-19. The idea is to put a stop to late-night bar-hopping, indoor parties, and clubbing. Many feel that these types of events, during which many people don’t wear masks or adhere to social distancing guidelines, is causing cases to skyrocket.

The hope is that by limiting the spread of the virus, the disease won’t overwhelm local medical resources. The governor also hopes that the curfew will also slow the spread enough that the state doesn’t have to go into a full lockdown.

Are you wondering what happens if you break curfew? You’re not alone. One of the biggest headaches associated with many of the governor’s new orders is that no one knows how the rules will be enforced. 

Even the police departments don’t appear to know how to respond to the governor’s orders. Several departments have said they won’t take steps to enforce the governor’s stay-at-home orders. 

If enough people ignore the curfew and the number of positive cases continues increasing, it’s possible that lawmakers may consider issuing fines and even arresting people who fail to follow COVID-19 related laws.

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Agents Are Always There To Help

Agents Are Always There To Help

When things go wrong, they never do so at a convenient time. This is especially true for a person’s arrest. You could be sleeping peacefully in your bed late at night when you get the call. You find out that your friend or family member has been arrested and wants your help to get out of jail. You spring into action, but wonder who could be available to help you in the middle of the night?

Luckily, the agents here at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles are available to offer their assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You do not have to wait to get the help you need. You can get a bail bond the moment you find out that a loved one has been arrested.

On top of being available to help 24/7, our agents can be found all over the state of California. We have dozens of mobile bail agents who can meet there clients where ever they are. You no longer have to try to find a local office, we will meet you in a place that is convenient for you.

No matter where you are in California, or what time it is, you can count on Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. We have been helping Californians with bail for 33 years now. We know what we are doing, and we know how important it is for our clients to bail out their friends and family members.

You can talk to a bail agent any time, just call 877-793-2254 or click Chat With Us now.

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Nobody Wants to Get Arrested

Nobody Wants to Get Arrested

No one ever wakes up and decides that they are going to go out and get arrested today. This is because nobody wants to be thrown in jail where their freedoms are limited. It’s like the adult version of getting timeout, but much more depressing. If you know someone who was recently arrested, you should consider bailing him or her out of jail. After all, you would want someone to do the same for you.

Now, it is no secret that bail is very expensive. Luckily, there is a way to make it less expensive. You can do that by contacting Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. Getting a bail bond is so much cheaper than paying for the bail yourself. On top of the savings, you get a professional bail agent who has bailed hundreds of people out of jail.

Our bail agents are available all day, every day, meaning your bail agent will be there for you throughout the bail bond process. If you have any questions, just ask your agent and know that they will be happy to answer them for you. Our bail agents will guide you through the bail bond process, and show you how simple it actually is.

You will get nothing but the best from Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. With our expert agents by your side, your friend’s or family member’s release from jail will be secured in no time. Your loved one will be supremely grateful that you bailed him or her out of jail, because after all, no one wants to spend time in behind bars.

Get a loved one out of bars today by calling 877-793-2254 now.

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The Consequences of Obstructing a Police Investigation in California

The Consequences of Obstructing a Police Investigation in California

While many of us have heard the term, obstruction of justice, spoken, few of us know exactly what the phrase means or what the consequences of such a charge are.

What is Obstruction of Justice

The legal dictionary describes obstruction of justice as, “a criminal offense that involves interference, through words or actions, with the proper operations of a court of officers of the court.”

What this means is that at any point during a police investigation or the court trial is if you do anything that gets in the way of the official process, the prosecutor can opt to bring obstruction of justice charges against you. The action can be as simple as deliberately lying to the police about where a person of interest is located, making it difficult for the police to pursue a suspect, or acting badly during the trial.

It’s important to note that you can be charged with obstruction of justice in California if you do something to hinder the police while they’re investigating a loved one. You can also be charged with obstruction of justice if you do or say something that deliberately misleads the police while they’re investigating you.

In California, you can be charged with obstruction of justice if you:

• Lie during a police investigation
• Do something that can be considered a deliberate attempt to prevent an arrest
• Take action designed to discourage/prevent a witness from talking to the police or serving as a witness during a court case
• Destroy evidence
• Present fake evidence
• Try to prevent a police officer from legally entering a home/business/vehicle


Federal vs. State Obstruction of Justice

It’s worth noting that you could be charged with federal obstruction of justice or state obstruction of justice in California. The situation becomes federal obstruction if you’ve done something to harm or impair a police office, court official, or jury member. 

State obstruction happens when you’re caught doing something that hinders the investigation but doesn’t put anyone’s health or lives in jeopardy. 

Consequences of Obstruction of Justice in California

The consequences of being found guilty of obstruction of justice are quite steep. You could spend up to three years in a California state prison and also have to serve felony probation.

Defenses for Obstruction of Justice

The best way to avoid obstruction of justice charges is always being diligent to cooperate with the police. If the worst happens and the police believe that you’ve done something to hinder an investigation, you’re best lines of defense involve claiming entrapment or showing that you never intended to impede the investigation.

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The Ins and Outs of Package Theft

The Ins and Outs of Package Theft

Package theft is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the act of snatching a package that doesn’t belong to you. 

Recently it seems like there are more package theft stories than ever before. It turns out that this isn’t just because people are sharing package theft stories on social media sites. Instances of package theft are genuinely rising.

A recent study indicated that in 2019, at least 31% of all Americans have had at least one package stolen before they were able to bring the package into their home. Many of these same people have had multiple packages stolen off their front porch or out of their garages. It’s estimated that the average cost of each stolen package costs retailers $109 in replacement charges.

The main reason the number of package thefts that take place each day is mostly the result of so many people ordering items online. The increased online shopping means more packages are delivered while people aren’t home, which creates an increasing number of opportunities to steal packages.

Most of the stolen packages involve things like electronics, clothing, books, etc. These are items that can be replaced. The time it takes to replace the item isn’t usually a problem. There are always exceptions. The biggest exception is the theft of packages that contain prescription drugs. In many cases, the victim of the prescription drug package theft doesn’t have enough medication on hand to wait for a replacement package.

In California, package theft is covered by the state’s mail theft laws, which are addressed in Penal Code 530.5e PC. When you read the law, you’ll discover that “every person who commits mail theft, as defined in Section 1708 of Title 18 of the United States Code, is guilty of a public offense, and upon conviction therefor shall be punished by a fine, by imprisonment in a county jail not to exceed one year, or by both a fine and imprisonment.” 

Mail fraud charges can be filed against you if:

• You remove a piece of mail or package from a mailbox/receptacle that doesn’t belong to you
• If you use deception or fraud to obtain mail or a package that doesn’t belong to you (such as not revealing your identity to the delivery driver)
• Open a package that isn’t addressed to you and remove the contents
• Hide a stolen package
• Buy stolen mail or packages

The way California handles package theft is interesting. In most theft cases, the monetary value of whatever was stolen plays a huge role in how the suspect is charged. That’s not the case with mail and package theft in California.

The reason the stolen package’s value doesn’t come into play is because mail fraud deals primarily with identity theft. 

If you’re convicted of mail or package theft, the potential penalties include:

• Spending up to 12 months in county jail
• Having to pay a $1,000 fine
• Probation

The best way to spare yourself the ordeal of a package theft case is to leave unattended packages alone. If you’re charged with package theft in California, one of the best defenses you can use is that the entire incident was a mistake.

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Want To Save Money On Bail Bonds?

Want To Save Money On a Bail Bond?

Who would want to pay more for something? The answer is no one. Everyone wants to get the best deal available. This is especially true when the money is being spent on something important, like a loved one’s bail. Bailing someone out of jail is extremely important, but no one wants to empty their bank accounts to do so.

That is why it is important to find a professional and affordable bail bond company. This way, you will be able to rescue your friend or family member from jail without spending every dime in your bank account.

You can save your money by contacting Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. We are a California bail bond company that has been helping people afford their loved one’s bail since 1987.

We start by creating personalized payment plans for all of our clients. This helps reduce the intimidating cost of the bail bond into manageable monthly payments. We work with all of our clients to create payment plans that fit into their budgets.

Next, we are able to offer a discount to qualified clients. With the discount, clients will only need to pay 8% of their friend or family member’s bail, not the usual 10%. This is a 20% discount on the price of the bail bond itself. To qualify, one of the co-signers needs to be a union member, a member of the military, a member of AARP, a homeowner, or have a private attorney. That’s all it takes to help save thousands of dollars on the price of the bail bond.

You want to save as much as you can while still being able to bail a loved one out of jail. You can do this by contacting the professionals here at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. Our agents will begin working for you right away and they will not rest until they have helped you rescue your loved one from jail.

For a free consultation, you can either click Chat With Us or call 877-793-2254 now.

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Looking for the Greatest Deal for Bail Bonds?

Looking for the Best Deal for Bail Bonds?

When looking in to getting something expensive, most people try to find the best deal available. This is definitely true when it comes to bailing someone out of jail. Bail can cost several thousands of dollars, which means people spend a lot of time finding the best deal available.

If you need to bail someone out of jail on a budget, come to Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. We have been helping Californians afford bail bonds for 33 years. We know how to make bail bonds cheaper for our clients.

We provide all of our clients with customized payment plans. This way, the large, intimidating cost of the bail bond is broken up into manageable little bits. These bits will be designed to fit into your monthly budget, so you will be able to afford the bond.

We also offer discounts for qualified clients. If one of the co-signers on the bail bond is a union member, a member of the military, a member of AARP, a homeowner, or has a private attorney for the defendant, then they qualify. The discount is 20% off the price of the bail bond. This means, instead of paying the usual 10% of the bail, you only pay 8%. This can add up to a lot of saved money.

In rare instances, some people can even qualify for 0% down on the bail bond. What this means is, the defendant will get bailed out of jail, before they have even paid for the bail bond. To qualify, the co-signers of the bail bond have to have good jobs and good credit. This is usually reserved for people who are bailing themselves out of jail, and therefore do not have access to their funds until after they have been released. Once the defendant is released, he or she usually makes the initial payment within a day or 2.

As you can see, when you come to Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, it is possible to bail out your loved one at an affordable price. All you have to do is find the right people to help you, which is easy at Cal Bail Bonds in Los Angeles.

For a free consultation with a professional bail agent, just click Chat With Us or call 877-793-2254 now.

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California Vehicle Exhaust Noise Laws

California Vehicle Exhaust Noise Laws

When it comes to noisy cars people always have one of two opinions: they either think the deep rumble sounds awesome or they think it is the most obnoxious and irritating thing they’ve heard all day. Many feel that a car with either a broken or modified exhaust is a major nuisance and disruption. To simplify the matter, California’s lawmakers created exhaust noise laws. These set a very strict limit on the amount of noise your vehicle can legally make as you drive it down the road.

California’s vehicle exhaust noise laws are addressed in the California Vehicle Code. They’re numbers 27150 – 27153.

California Vehicle Code # 27150 requires that your vehicle have an adequate muffler. This doesn’t just mean that not only does your car has to have muffler, but that it also has to be in good working order. This must be in place when you bring your car in for its registration inspection. The same law states that your vehicle won’t pass its inspection if the muffler or exhaust system has been set up with any type of cutout or bypass.
California Vehicle Code # 27151 prohibits you from making modifications to your exhaust that either directly violate VC 27151 or that raise the decibel level of your vehicle above 88 dbA. If your vehicle weighs less than 6,000 pounds or is a motorcycle, it can’t make noise that exceeds 95 dbA. It’s worth noting that most contemporary vehicles, even the ones that have a nice throaty roar, are designed in such a way that the noise they make doesn’t exceed 75 dbA.

One of the challenges driver’s face is that the way the vehicle codes that deal with excessive noise are written, police officers don’t necessarily know how much noise your exhaust system makes. They can pull you over simply because your vehicle is nosier than the rest of the cars on the road. The current writing of the law allows them to “exercise their own judgment.” There’s a chance that they’ll issue an excessive noise ticket even if your car is within the legal noise limits. 

If you’re issued an excessive noise ticket, you’ll have to take your vehicle to a mechanic and have the problem repaired (or removed if there’s an illegal modification.) The next step is going to the California Referee Center. After looking at both your ticket and your vehicle’s registration the Referee Center will test your exhaust system and determine if it meets the legal requirements. If everything is in order, they’ll issue a Certificate of Compliance which you’ll have to show the traffic court.

The tickets for illegal exhausts and excessive noise vary. For a first offense, the ticket is usually $25 with fees climbing to $193. There have been some instances where the overall cost of the illegal exhaust fines reaching $1,105.

If the police pull you over, it’s possible that they will notice other issues, such as unpaid parking tickets, bench warrants, parole violations, etc. All things considered, it’s in your best interest to keep your car quiet and not attract police attention.

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Drunk Driving on Halloween

Drunk Driving on Halloween

It’s no secret that getting behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking is a bad idea, yet there are a few nights of the year where driver’s leave their common sense at home and drive home after having one too many. Halloween is such a night.

Why People Drink on Halloween

Halloween is a festive holiday. A time when lots of people like to cut loose and relax. There are usually lots of parties where the alcohol generally flows. The happy atmosphere combined with the anonymity of wearing a costume makes it easy to cut loose and lose track of how much you’ve had to drink.

The Dangers of Drinking and Driving on Halloween

There’s never a safe time to drive after drinking, but it’s particularly dangerous on Halloween. The lure of free candy means that the streets are full of very young children. Many of these children aren’t paying attention to anything but getting to the next house as quickly as possible. They don’t look before they cross streets or rush around blind alleys. Sober driver’s often struggle to stay alert when driving through popular trick-or-treating areas. With alcohol dulling your reflexes the odds of you getting into a drunk driving accident on Halloween increase.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Halloween is one of the holidays when police officers are out in force and they are going to be extra alert. The slightest sign that you’re driving while impaired on Halloween and they will pull you over.

The Consequences of Drunk Driving on Halloween

The legal blood alcohol count (BAC) for the average adult driver in California is 0.08%. If it’s any higher, the police will file drunk driving charges against you. Even if you’re BAC is slightly lower than 0.08% when you’re pulled over, there is still a good chance that they’ll arrest you so that they can conduct a second test once the last drink you enjoyed hits your system.

Getting found guilty of DUI on Halloween will have a serious and negative impact on the quality of your life.

First offense-$390-$1,000 in fines, up to 6 months in jail, your license can be suspended for up to 6 months
Second offense-$390-$1,000 in fines, up to one year in jail, your license can be suspended for 2 full years. The court can order your ignition locked for a full year.
Third offense-up to $1,800 in fines, minimum 120 days maximum 12 months in jail, your license can be suspended for 3 years and your ignition can be locked for 2 years.

If you’re planning on drinking this Halloween, it’s in your best interest to arrange for a cab, Uber driver, or have a friend serve as your DD. The last thing you need is to end the holiday with a drunk driving conviction.

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