How California Bail Works


For defendants, there is a price for freedom and that price can be very low, a few hundred dollars, extremely high, one million dollars, or anywhere in between. Freedom is what America is all about, so who gets to put a price on freedom for defendants? And how is that amount determined for each person? The price for freedom for recently arrested individuals is called bail, and judges are the ones who determine bail for defendants.

Bail is a dollar amount that a defendant must pay to the court in order to be released from jail. Anyone may assist the defendant in paying this money, especially when the bail is very expensive. The more expensive the bail, the more serious the circumstances are. Some examples would be a very serious crime was committed, the defendant may be a flight risk, or the defendant may have a prior criminal record.

There is a bail schedule that judges follow, which outlines the bail amount per crime, and offense. The bail schedule is reviewed and adapted annually.

There is really nothing you can do to get your bail lowered. You can request it be reconsidered, but it is unlikely that it will change. Luckily, San Bernadino County Bail Bond Store can get you a bail bond to get out of jail even faster. You will pay us a premium, 10% of the full bail amount, and within hours, you will be released. You will have a payment plan to follow, making paying for the bail bond even easier for you. Please contact us immediately to get more information on bail and bail bonds.

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The Approval Process For A Bail Bond


The approval process for a bail bond is simple. The judge is the one who grants or denies bail, but trust that he or she does not make this decision based on personal judgment. There is a bail schedule for every county that outlines the average bail price for each crime. This ranges from infractions to misdemeanors to felonies. This bail schedule is reviewed and modified annually by a number of people in the justice system. So, always consider the prices of the bail schedule as the base price.

    Other factors that may contribute to increasing or lowering bail would be:

  • Whether or not the defendant has a criminal history.
  • Their financial situation.
  • The relationships he or she holds with others in the community.
  • Whether or not the defendant is considered to be a flight risk.

So if a person is granted bail, they may apply for a bail bond from a professional bail bonds company like Hemet Bail Bond Store. They will need to provide collateral, a co-signer, and proof of the ability to make their monthly payments. Much of the information about the bail bonds process is similar to a person applying for a loan – bank information and employment history may also be required.

The defendant is not alone in needing to pay for their bail bond. Hemet Bail Bond Store is always here for our clients. To get more information about the bail bonds process, contact Hemet Bail Bond Store today!

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How Bail Is Determined


In the justice system, there is a “bail schedule” that outlines the bail price for each crime. This is the overarching book that the judge must follow, but he or she may also adjust the price as they see fit. For example, if this is a fourth offense, the judge may hike the bail a little. Bail schedules are pretty standard throughout the state of California, but may vary in certain areas by county or city. Bail schedules are reviewed annually for any changes necessary.

Felonies will have higher bail prices than misdemeanors since they are much more severe and serious crimes. Some felonies may not offer bail at all. Bail for murder can be one million or no bail at all. Voluntary manslaughter can be one hundred thousand while involuntary manslaughter can be twenty five thousand. Possession of a loaded firearm is twenty thousand. Hunting without a license can be a one hundred bail. Cheating in gambling is a two thousand dollar bail.

Once the judge sets bail, it is very unlikely he or she will lower it. The defendant may request the bail be reviewed, but in all likelihood, the judge will not change it. So, in order to help pay for bail, getting an agent from Riverside County Bail Bond Store would be the thing to do. With the agent’s help, only 10-15% of the full bail price would need to be paid, and it is paid over set period of time, rather than one full payment upfront.

To learn more about the bail bonds process and Riverside County Bail Bond Store contact us today. We’re available 24/7 and alawys ready to answer all of your questions.

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Orange County’s Bail Schedule And How Judges Set Bail

Being exposed to the criminal justice system for the first time can be a daunting and confusing time for most. Santa Ana Bail Bond Store would like to help shed light on this subject to help you when you need it the most.

Orange County’s bail schedule is reviewed and set by a panel of Judges once a year. This bail schedule contains an extensive list of offenses for crimes committed within the County’s jurisdiction. Judges normally follow standard practices in setting amounts guided by what type of crimes the defendant is being charged with. For example, a non-violent misdemeanor crime bail amount might be $2,500 and a more severe felony $50,000. Capitol crimes generally do not have bail granted. The bail amounts listed in the bail schedule are contingent on the maximum jail time that can be imposed. However, Judges have the authority to raise or lower the standard bail at their discretion. Judges can also waive bail altogether to protect public safety. Bail may also be denied by the Judge if the Court determines that a flight risk exists.

Criminal defendants do not need a lawyer to arrange bail. They can post cash bail directly with the Court or obtain a bail bond from a licensed Bail Agent. Santa Ana Bail Bond Store in most cases can have the defendant released within a few hours of arrest. Call us if you need help securing the release of your loved one.

(link to 2013 Orange County Bail Schedule)
Felony Bail Schedule

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